Sunday, 26 February 2012

Ready for Spring

Orchard planting completed, so Spring can come now anytime it wants. The grass in the Orchard is very long, so its not going to be long before I will have to cut it. The plan is to turn this into a meadow, but that will be a job for later this year. I am not sure whether to cut the turf off, then seed or try and seed into the existing field grass???
All the veg beds are now dug over and manured where necessary (ie everywhere, appart from the 'roots' bed. ) We have been on our shopping trip to Caldbeck's potato day. There were, as they advertised 100 varieties of seed potatoes. It was frustrating as I had already bought mine. Oh well, its in the diary for next year. We did come away with rasp canes, onion sets, various, and loads and loads of Rebekahs veg seeds. Hubby chose a horseradish plant (with warning about is ability to take over!!)

The kids cannot wait to start sowing, and neither can I.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Veg bed prep

Half term this week and the weather has been really kind to us in West Cumbria. I really wanted to get all the veg beds dug over this week, but a neck injury has slowed me down. Its amazing what a big help the strapping 16yr old son of my next door neighbour has been. A bit of money for him and lots of digging done for me. There does not seem to be a pattern for how much rubble will be in the beds. Some have been really quick to dig, some take hours due to the volume of stone and boulders. I am keeping the really big ones to use for added interest in the borders, as they are really nice stones, just no good in your veg beds. ONE BED TO GO!

I have covered a couple of the beds in some black plastic. Actually recycled the stuff used to wrap the trees and hedging that was delivered a few weeks ago. It's the perfect width! Need to get hold of some more though, as I want to warm up the beds to get some early sowing done.

We have had a bit of wind today, and my wind mesh has taken a battering, I do not think I used those plastic zip tie thingys properly, as they have come undone. I have had another bash and it seems to be holding up ok for now.  

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sheep invasion

Start of the half term holidays, half the country is covered in snow and ice, but not here. It was a bit overcast this a.m. however the rain held off all day.

We had a mini garden invasion from four escaped sheep this morning. I glanced out of the window and there they were, happily grazing on the grass. I managed to herd them back in the field next door. They seem to have found a big gap in the hedge. There were three in the garden yesterday as well! The chickies are not impressed by these monster visitors helping themselves to their food. We will have to plug up the gaps before the whole flock arrives with lambs in tow.

We managed to plant three pear trees today. My makeshift fleece protection seems to have put the hares off, so no more damage from their munching. Our plan for the rest of the weekend is to dig over some more of the veg beds, and cover the ones already turned over with some black plastic. This should help warm up the soil a bit to give us a head start in seed sowing next month.

 I noticed in the Cumbria Life magazine, a nearby village is having a potato day, selling seed potatoes, veg seed and fruit bushes. I need some raspberry canes, so I am going to pop along next Saturday and see what I can buy. I have already bought some seed potaotes and they are happily chitting away on the window sill of my conservatory.