Tuesday, 22 May 2012

May Update

Its been almost two weeks since my last entry. Been too busy with everything to find the time to type!.
The weather at the beginning of the month was as bad as April and everything is taking ages to get going. The french beans started off inside, were hardened off, but since they have been in the ground they have struggled. What with the cold, wet and the slugs!!!. I have lost a couple, however it has warmed up over the last few days, so there is hope!!. I popped a couple of seeds to compensate for the lost ones.
The spuds however are romping away, both the earlies and the maincrop. The ones in the nursery bed are just showing as they are a couple of weeks behind the rest.
I am picking salads now and still sowing every couple of weeks. Mizuna, rocket, pak choi, etc etc.
The actual lettuces though have not germinated well. I think must be the cold and heavy soil. I sowed again yesterday.

Parsnips have finally germinated, taking well over a month to come up, but I have five little rows showing now.

Rasps problem

I planted Octavia and Glen Lyon on the same day in the same bed. All the Octavia are growing but not one of the Glen Lyon. The local organic group have advised to really water them and give them a chance, but I think they are duds!!!

This evening I planted a couple of Dahlia tubers, I can't resist a Dahlia! I got them from the supermarket, which I previously have not done. However having spend a fortune on them in the past to loose them all in the -20 degrees we had in Scotland two years on the trot, I figured cheap and cheerful was the way to go for now.  I sowed a few annuals to fill in the gaps that I have left for the shrubs I will get later this year.

The girls have some sunflowers to sow as well, which needs to get done soon...... and the sweet peas need potting out.... and.... and...
must be off...

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Gates complete the fencing

Looking into the veg garden

Farm gate entrance to the veg garden

Chicken run

Monday, 7 May 2012

Picture progress

Fencing around the Veg Garden, not finished, and no gates as yet!
View into Veg Garden

Chicken run

Border coming to life

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Bank Holiday Gardening

We were all set for a day in the garden today after a jaunt to Lowther Castle plant fair yesterday.  But it was overcast when we got up and quickly turned to drizzle then full blown rain.  I spent the morning potting on leeks & purple sprouting broccoli & sent hubby off to get some bamboo canes and a few other essentials from the garden centre. It soon brightened up, and the canes were fashioned into an A frame support with side bracing (thanks Monty for that tip). No 2 daughter helped me plant the french beans. They were the ones I sowed in old toilet roll tubes a few weeks back, therefore all I had to do was pop the whole thing into the ground and water them in. Now the bean supports are up and the pea sticks are in the whole veg patch is looking great. The fencing is almost finished, just needs the gates hanging and the patch will protected from the elements and hopefully passing creatures looking to munch my lettuces.

Harvesting news!

A few mizuna and rocket leaves were picked to have with our dinner last night.

The new border is more than half dug and also half planted. I decided to use it as a nursery bed this year,  just to get some plants out of pots and growing on a bit. A friend gave me some perennials from her garden the other day, including, Hemerocallis, Campanulas, Crocosmia, Anemone and some Astrantia.  I popped it all in except for the Astrantia, I found a space for it in the planted border. We also had some extra seed potatoes so I have planted a few rows in there too.  I am also going to put a few rows of peas in here as well to use up the seed I have. And the children have some annual seeds they want to grow, what a hotch potch!

The weather dried up nicely by the afternoon, and a little gentle nudge had hubby marching up and down with the mower, while I edged!. Seems to be the way of things, as both jobs take about the same time.

We relocated the bench seat into the veg patch, a perfect resting spot now after a bit of weeding!

As the sun went down we had a little game of cricket. No 2 daughter can't half whack it for a 7 year old!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Chickies are free

The chickies got their freedom yesterday afternoon, after being cooped up ( sorry for that) in a little run for the last few weeks. The official chicken run is now complete and they roam free once again. Funny thing is as soon as we let them out they headed straight back in again, as if to say its not that bad you know!